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Fall 2015

SOLUTIONS: The Culture Shift of the Morning Meeting
by Brittany Willes

FOCUS: Investing in the Tool Room
by Dianna Brodine

REVIEW: MAPP's Annual Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference: The Power of Influence
by Plastics Business

INDUSTRY: Reducing the Risks of Combustible Dust
provided by Grainger

VIEW FROM 30 FEET: American Export
by Brittany Willes

VIEW FROM 30 FEET: Molding Millennials
by Brittany Willes

PRODUCTION: Five Factors to Consider When Adding Robotics
by Jason Holbrook, Krauss Maffei Corporation

PRODUCTION: Robotics ROI: The Bottom Line on Automation
by Ronald K. Bryant, Yushin America

BOOKLIST: Business Books with a Lasting Influence
by Dianna Brodine

STRATEGIES: Year-End Tax Planning for Plastics Processors
by Michael J. Devereux II, CPA, CMP, Mueller Prost

Association News

Summer 2015

PROFILE: More than Molding: OCTEX Aims for Magic
by Dianna Brodine

INDUSTRY: An M&A Market Update for the Plastics Industry
by David Evatz, SRR

MANAGEMENT: Four Insidious Impacts of a Mis-Hire
by Magi Graziano, Conscious Hiring® and Development

PRODUCTION: Monitoring Manufacturing Efficiency with Advanced Auxiliary Equipment
by Dianna Brodine

ASSOCIATION: Association News

VIEW FROM 30 FEET: Casual Fridays Include Fewer Emails at Ice Miller; Taking Tool Return Documentation to the Next Level at Metro Plastics Technologies; Getting on Board with Shift Changes at Crescent Industries
by Brittany Willes

BOOKLIST: Four of the Top Business Books of 2015
by Dianna Brodine

SOLUTIONS: Evaluating Plant Expansion Needs
by Scott Walton, Harbour Results Inc.

FOCUS: Ensuring Product Purity in Plastic Recycling
by Dan Suderman, Bunting Magnetics Co.

STRATEGIES: Benefits that Attract and Retain Employees
by Dan Regovich, AJ Auger Group LLC

Spring 2015

Profile: Quality Mindset at Crescent Industries
by Dianna Brodine

View from 30 Feet: Offering Employee Relocation Expenses
by Brittany Willes

View from 30 Feet: Embracing 2 Second Lean
by Brittany Willes

Production: In-Mold Decorating Project Success: More than Technology
by Dave Schoofs, Central Decal Company

Industry: Lawsuits a Wake-Up Call on Proper Use of Background Checks
by Wayne "Skip" Adams III, Ice Miller, LLP

Solutions: Effective Inventory Management Adds to the Bottom Line
by Dianna Brodine

Outlook: Engaging in 5S
by Jen Clark

Focus: Structuring Sales and Customer Service Teams
by Jen Clark

Management: Nurturing the Work Environment
by Scott Hunter, Unshackled Leadership

Association News

Winter 2015

Profile: Automotive Insert Molding Drives Growth at Microplastics, Inc.
by Dianna Brodine

Preview: Make It Count at NPE2015
by Plastics Business

Industry: MAPP Survey Reports on 2015 Business Forecast
by Plastics Business

FOCUS: Change and Opportunity: Focus on Four Areas to Improve
by Laurie Harbour, Harbour Results, Inc.

The View from 30 Feet: Philosophy of Facility Size
by Dianna Brodine

The View from 30 Feet: Finding a Business Mentor
by Jen Clark

The View from 30 Feet: Using Video Mail for Customer Connections
by Brittany Willes

Production: Close the Loop: Take Control of Water Efficiency
by Al Fosco, Frigel North America

Outlook: Mobile Emissions and Fuel Economy Rev Up Lightweighting Initiatives
by Suzanne Cole, Miller Cole LLC

Solutions: Designing the Perfect SMED Cart
by Dianna Brodine

Association Development Provides Entrepreneurial Master Class
by Dianna Brodine

Association: Association News
by MAPP, Inc.

Fall 2014

Profile: Employee-Focused, Employee-Owned at Hansen Plastics
by Dianna Brodine

Strategies: Elements of a Successful Training Program
by Melissa DeDonder

Production: Creating Ready-To-Go Molds
by by Gary Chastain, RJG, Inc.

Review: Leadership Unleashed
by Plastics Business

Solutions: Planning for a Healthy Workforce
by Jen Clark

Focus: New Repair Regs Impact Property and Equipment Owners
by Teri M. Samples and Michael J. Devereux II, Mueller Prost

The View from 30 Feet: Patent Infringement
by Jen Clark

Industry: ICE Audits ‘Skyrocket’ with Form I-9 Violations on the Rise
by Jen Clark

Association News
by MAPP, Inc.

Summer 2014

Profile: Bhar, Inc.: Driving its Own Recovery
by Dianna Brodine

Solutions: Plastics Bonding Design Considerations for Processors
by Andrew Scott, Henkel Corporation

Strategies: Sales Management: Growing with an Eye on "Fit"
by Dianna Brodine

Strategies: Goal Setting Tactics
by Jack Daly

Industry: Trends in Compensation and Operational Practices for Plastic Processors
by Troy Nix, MAPP, Inc.

The View from 30 Feet: Lockout/Tagout
by Jen Clark

Focus: Why Veterans are Ideal for Manufacturing Careers
by Rodrigo Garcia, Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs

MAPP Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference
by MAPP, Inc.

Association News
by MAPP, Inc.

Spring 2014

Profile: PTA Plastics: A Leading-Edge Product Laboratory
by Dianna Brodine

Strategy: OSHA Inspections: A Planning and Survival Guide
by Felix C. "Pete" Wade

Solutions: Maintenance 2015: Is Google Glass the Future?
by Jeffrey Dutschke

Industry: Could You be Uninsured, Underinsured – or Both?
by Mitchell Gorham

Focus: Flight Delay in Vegas
by Dianna Brodine

The View From 30 Feet: : Cyber Fraud
by Jen Clark

Outlook: 3D Printing Changes the Production and Tool Build Models
by Plastics Business

MAPP Association News

Winter 2014

Profile: Fearless Manufacturing at Noble Plastics
by Dianna Brodine

Focus: Challenges for the Tooling Industry will Impact Processors
by Laurie Harbour, Harbour Results

Strategies: Benefits and Burdens of the Domestic Production Activities Deduction
by Michael J. Devereux II, CPA, Mueller Prost PC

Outlook: Plastics Industry Outlook
by William Carteaux, SPI

Solutions: Why ERP Systems Fail to Perform
by Glenn Nowak, IQMS

Trends: MAPP Business Forecast Survey Shows Strong 12-Month Outlook
by Troy Nix, MAPP

Production: The View from 30 Feet: State of Alabama Recruits Manufacturing
by Jen Clark

Industry: Study Reveals Favorable Trends Impacting North American Processors
by Ted Morgan, Plante Moran

MAPP Association News

Fall 2013

Profile: Rapid Growth, Rapid Change at Xten Industries
by Dianna Brodine

Review: Conference: Did You PUSH PLAY?
by Plastics Business

Focus: Robotics in Plastics Processing
by Chris Parrillo

Focus: The Truth About Robotics: Impact of Robotics on Employment
excerpt from a white paper by Seegrid

Solutions: Cleanroom Considerations
by Ron Kosmalski

Strategies: Marketing: The New Frontier
by Dianna Brodine

Production: The View from 30 Feet: Business Networking on LinkedIn
by Matt Hlavin

Management: In-Mold Label Market Study Assesses Industry
by Plastics Business

Association: MAPP Association News

Summer 2013

Profile: An American-Made Story at Intertech Plastics
by Dianna Brodine

Trends: Bringing STEM to Local Schools
by Dianna Brodine

Trends: Advancing the STEM Agenda
by Plastics Business

Solutions: Simple Solutions with Auxillary Equipment Solve Problems and Increase Productivity
by Doug Brewster, The Conair Group

Industry: Wage Survey Results Released for Plastics Processing Industry
by Marcella Kates, MAPP, Inc.

Strategies: Improving Machine and Process Efficiencies with Chemical Purge Compounds
by Tony Schoendorff, Chem-Trend L.P.

Production: The View from 30 Feet: Creating Accountable Teams
by Plastics Business

Management: The Real Truth about Safety: Creating a Culture of Buy-In
by Garrison Wynn, CSP

Association: MAPP Association News

Spring 2013

Profile: A Complete Circle at KW Container
by Dianna Brodine

Solutions: Mold Filling Simulation ... Under Pressure
by John Ralston, Beaumont Technologies, Inc.

Trends: The Guiding Principles of Healthcare Reform
by Plante Moran

Industry: Intellectual Property Awareness Vital to Success in 3D Printing
by Roger A. Gilcrest, Ice Miller LLP

Production: The View from 30 Feet: Reducing the Maintenance Burden on Technicians at Blow Molded Specialties
by Plastics Business

Strategies: Medical Molding Benefits from Revalidation of Injection Molding Processes Using Universal Set-up Data
by Bob Reese, RJG, Inc.

Management: The Top 10 Plastics Training Mistakes
by Craig Paulson, Paulson Training Programs

Management: Blended Learning: The Best of Both Worlds for Busy Professionals
by Chuck Zona, Hooke College of Applied Sciences

Marketing: Get Involved in Your Community
by Dianna Brodine

Association: MAPP Association News

Winter 2013

Profile: Falcon Plastics: Customer-Driven Growth Guides Expansion, Profitability
by Dianna Brodine

Solutions: Mold Cleaning Technologies Save Time, Money and Aggravation
by Steve Johnson, ToolingDocs

Trends: Material Trends to Watch
by Adam J. Wozniak, AMCO Polymers LLC

Strategies: Cliff Notes and Other Tax Changes
by Michael J. Devereux II and Adam J. Herman, Mueller Prost PC

Outlook: Planning for Profitability and Stability in 2013
by Laurie Harbour, Harbour Results, Inc.

Industry: 2013 Legislative Outlook
by William R. Carteaux, SPI

Production: Analysis of the Sales Management Process
by Troy Nix, MAPP, Inc.

MAPP: Association News
by MAPP, Inc.

Industry: FiberGraf Materials Launches New Website
by Plastics Business

Fall 2012

Marketing: Barriers to Sustainability in Plastics-related Industries
by Bonnie J. Bachman and Shristy Bashyal, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and Margaret Baumann, GHA Associates

Strategies: DOE Brings Benefits to Process Design
by Perry Parendo, Perry's Solutions, Inc.

Profile: Indiana Rotomolding Capitalizes on Multiple Locations
by Dianna Brodine

Production: Pereles Brothers Joins Manufacturing Network
by Jen Clark

Focus: Plastikos Journeys Through ISO 14001 Certification
by Melissa DeDonder

Management: Waste Eradication Culture Starts with a Toilet Seat: A Conversation with Paul Akers
by Dianna Brodine

Solutions: Moving Beyond Traditional Mold Cleaning Methods
by Steve Johnson, ToolingDocs LLC

Trends: Why Plastic Flows Better in Aluminum Injection Molds
by David Bank, Aluminum Injection Mold Co., Dave Klafhen, Advent Tool, Ron Smierciak, Alcoa Forged and Cast Products

Summer 2012

Spotlight: Disaster Recovery Plan, Business Interruption Insurance Avert Catastrophe for MAPP Member by Staff

Profile: HK Plastics Engineering Designs its Own Competitive Advantage
by Dianna Brodine

Industry: Information Technology Benchmarks for Plastics Manufacturing Companies
by Staff

Strategies: Lights Out at Makuta Technics: Automation, Attitude Make High-Volume Unmanned Production Possible
by Dianna Brodine

Solutions: Process Enhancement Software Speeds Information-Gathering
by Amy Bauer

Focus: Product Development Pitfalls
by Tony Parker, Avance LLC

Production: The View from 30 Feet: Matrix Tooling, Inc. Works to Educate the Next Generation
by Staff

Marketing: Video Marketing for Manufacturers
by Todd Schuett, Creative Technology Corporation

Spring 2012

Outlook: Dissecting Global Competition: Insights from the NAPIS
by Jeff Mengel, Plante Moran

Strategies: Incentivizing Employees for Productivity and Quality
by Amy Bauer

Management: Incorporating Sustainable Development Behavior into Supplier Selection
by Larry Nitardy, ComAssist

Trends: The Value of Value-Added Services
by Dianna Brodine

Production: The View from 30 Feet: MAPP Plant Tour Events Benefit Attendees and Host
by Staff

Profile: Training for Medical Excellence at Trademark Plastics
by Dianna Brodine

Solutions: Water Leaks are Money down the Drain
by Steve Johnson, ToolingDocs LLC

Winter 2012

Solutions: Intellectual Property in Injection Molding Contract Terms and Conditions
by Roger A. Gilcrest, Ice Miller, LLP

Industry: Legislative Outlook 2012: Even in an Election Year, Plastics' Progress Will Prevail on Federal Issues
by William R. Carteaux

Profile: Shifting Philosophies, Increasing Satisfaction at Currier Plastics
by Dianna Brodine

Trends: Additive Manufacturing Changes the Face of Molding
by Staff

Outlook: Plastics Industries Opportunities for 2012
by Laurie Harbour and Scott Walton, Harbour Results, Inc.

Production: The View from 30 Feet: Metro Plastics' Incentive Plan for Key Employees
by Staff

Marketing: Three Responsibilities of Innovation
by AJ Sweatt

Fall 2011

Strategies: Are You Neglecting Your Brand Touchpoints?
by Teresa Schell, Strategic Marketing Partners, LLC

Profile: Conquering Complexity at Plastikos
by Dianna Brodine

Solutions: In-line or Off-line Decorating: A 10-Step Analysis
by Bob Coningsby, Apex Machine Company

Results: Job Compensation Study Reveals Interesting Trends
by Troy Nix

Trends: Supply Chain: What You May Not be Thinking About
by David Landsman, MFG.com

Production: The View from 30 Feet: Industrial Mold & Machine's iPads and Social Network
by Staff

Management: Understanding Workers Compensation: The Role of Frontline Management
by William Wahoff, Scott, Scriven & Wahoff, LLP

Summer 2011

Industry: Assessing Sustainable Packaging through Life Cycle Analysis
by Chandler Slavin, Sustainability Coordinator, Dordan Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Solutions: Laboratory Services Important for Quality, R&D and Safety in the Plastics Industry
by Chad Jones, Sherry Laboratories

Strategies: Medical Injection Molding: Is it the future for your molding operation?
by David Lessard, Cook Polymer Technology

Profile: Pollmann North America: Driving Business Forward with a Commitment to Automotive
by Dianna Brodine

Production: The View from 30 Feet: Plastic Components, Inc.'s Tool Crib System
by Staff

Spring 2011

Solutions: Evaluating Your Mold Maintenance Direction
by Steve Johnson, ToolingDocs

Profile: Fast, Fluid and Flexible at Nicolet Plastics
by Dianna Brodine

Industry: GHS Bringing Changes to OSHA HazCom Standard
by Glenn D. Trout, MSDSonline

Strategies: Nanotechnology: Big Problems Come in Small Packages
by Kevin Murch, SZD

Trends: Polycarbonate and ABS Engineering Resins Markets See Global Tightening
by Adrian Beale, CMAI

Management: Succession Planning for Business Owners
by Nichole Crawford, JD, LL.M, CLU, ChFC, CAP, Federated Insurance

Production: The View from 30 Feet: SPI Industries and the Morning Huddle

Winter 2011

Profile: Eyes on the Future at i2tech
by Dianna Brodine

Solutions: Cost Savings Through Effective Purging
by John Pizzo, Sun Plastech, Inc.

Management: Examining Supplier Partnerships: Focus on Service, Knowledge
by Staff

Trends: Future Markets in Plastics: A Second Look
by Dr. Peter Mooney, Plastics Custom Research Services

Industry: Legislative Outlook: End of 2010 Provides Reasons for Optimism in 2011
by William R. Carteaux, SPI

Strategies: Plastics Processor Relative Value Drivers
by Michael D. Benson and David M. Evatz, SRR

Fall 2010

Solutions: IML Solutions - Five Experts Share Advice
by Renée Varella

Profile: Lean and Green at DOREL Juvenile Group
by Dianna Brodine

Strategies: Program Launch Coordinator – The Strategic Link
by Teresa Schell, Plastics Components, Inc.

Industry: The Economy and Plastics Processors: Cultural Shift Remains Key to Survival
by Laurie Harbour, Harbour Results, Inc.

Management: Trade Show Exhibition Tips
by Julie K. Buzbee

Summer 2010

Bonus Content: Closed-Loop Process Cooling Independent Case Study: Energy, Operations and Other Resources
by Gerald Church, UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center and Glen La Palme, PL Energy LLC

Energy Savings: Evaluating Energy Consumption of Molding Machines: What Have We Learned in 40 Years?
by Mark Elsass, Cincinnati Milacron

Energy Savings: Going Green with Purging Compounds
by Andrew Reeder, Moulds Plus International

Energy Savings: Process Cooling: Optimize Plant Processes and Drive Down Costs
by Lou Zavala, Frigel

Industry: Recruiting Youth to Manufacturing: Addressing the Aging Workforce in Plastics Processing
by Dianna Brodine

Energy Savings: Saving Energy in Dryers, Material Handling, and Granulators
by Doug Brewster, The Conair Group, Inc.

Management: Timeline: Impact of Health Care Reform on Employers
by Miranda Morgan and David Ball, SZD

Strategies: Website: Hype? Or Hot Spot?
by Mark Hanaway, Tech Molded Plastics, Inc.

Spring 2010

Focus: 2010 MAPP Engineering Services Report - Offering Engineering Services as a Fee for Service
by Staff

Profile: Changing the Mindset at DeKalb Molded Plastics
by Dianna Brodine

Management: Creating a Culture Focused on Wellness
by Dianna Brodine

Industry: State of the Plastics Industry - MAPP's 1st Quarter Assessment
by Staff

Strategies: Tool Transfer Q&A
by Mike Juda and Jerry Gorrell, Polymer Conversions, Inc.

Trends: Trends in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
by Daniele Fresca, IQMS

Winter 2010

Management: Planning for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
by Dianna Brodine

Trends: Plastics Markets: The Road Ahead
by Dr. Peter Mooney

Strategies: Pricing for Profitability: The Company with the Best Cost Accountant Wins
by John L. Daly and Craig Carrel

Industry: Priority Federal Legislative Issues in 2010
by William R. Carteaux

Profile: The Next Generation in Plastics Leadership
by Dianna Brodine

Fall 2009

Profile: Transforming with the Times at Blow Molded Specialties
by Dianna Brodine

Focus: Permanent and Durable Decoration with IMD
by David Coughlin and Dave Washburn, Industramark™, a Standard Register Business

Strategies: Substantiating Research Tax Credits in Today's Environment
by Michael J. Devereux II and Adam J. Herman, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, ASA

Production: The Importance of Mold Design to Productivity
by John E. Haley, AQA Corp.

Trends: The Pros and Cons of Reusable Containers
by Thomas R. Cutler, TR Cutler, Inc.

Spring 2009

Profile: ATEK Plastics: Bringing Its A-Team to the Molding Game
by Dianna Brodine

Production: Investing in Energy-Saving Improvements
by Ryan Thompson, Murphy Company

Focus: Modular Molds Contribute to Lean Manufacturing Success
by Ken Jenkins, Pleasant Precision, Inc.

Strategies: Terms and Conditions: Contracting for Economic Certainty
by Josef Keglewitsch and Laura Hult, Schottenstein Zox & Dunn Co., L.P.A.

Production: Using Purging Compound to Streamline Production Costs and Reduce Waste
by John Pizzo, Sun Plastech Inc.

Winter 2009

Applying Viral Marketing to Your Business
by Dianna Brodine

CPSIA and the Green Chemistry Initiative - Recent Environmental Regulations Affecting the Plastics Molding Industry
by Dianna Brodine

Dymotek: Setting a Safe Course Through Rough Economic Waters
by Dianna Brodine

Economic Outlook and Trends
by Jeff Mengel, Plante & Moran

Let's Go Viral! (But First, What Is It?)
by T.J. Tedesco, Grow Sales, Inc.

Optimizing Mold Performance and Maintenance Efficiency
by Steve Johnson, Progressive Components

Online-Only: Optimizing Mold Performance and Maintenance Efficiency: Part II
by Steven Johnson

Fall 2008

Profile: C&J Industries: Dedicated to Education. Molding the Future
by Dianna Brodine

Production: Real-Time Shop Floor Integration: The Right ERP System Can Make It Happen
by Excerpts from a Technical White Paper by IQMS

Strategies: Reducing Workers Compensation Claims: Solutions From Plastics Processors
by Staff

Focus: Today's Raw Material Market: Outlook and Opportunities
by Mike Bradley and Scott Horn, PolyOne Distribution

Summer 2008

Industry: Finding the Right Moldmaker

Profile: Ironwood Plastics Declares, “Challenge Us!”
by Dianna Brodine

Strategies: Over 12,000 Companies a Month Search the Internet for Injection Molding

Q&A: Resin Purchasing Strategies

Spring 2008

Production: A Continuous Improvement Idea: Update Your Costing and Quoting Process
by Tim Lewis

Profile: PRD, Inc.: Remaining Agile in a Changing Market
by Dianna Brodine

Strategies: We Don't Need to Assess Our Operations - We Are Doing Great!
by Laurie Harbour-Felax

Winter 2008

Strategies: Flying Blind? Defining Cost Drivers Leads to Success
by Jeff Mengel

Focus: Focus on Efficient Operations

Industry: MAPP Report: 2007 Raw Materials Survey

Profile: TEAM 1 Michigan: Forward Thinking for Upward Growth

Fall 2007

Industry: The True Cost of Doing Business in China
by Kym Conis

Strategies: To Decorate or Not to Decorate – That is the Question!
by Jeff Peterson

Profile: World Class Plastics: Simplicity Equals Success
by Dianna Bodine

Summer 2007

Profile: Modern Day Midas: Changing Metal to Plastic at Thogus Products Company
by Dianna Brodine

Focus: Q&A: Recycling

Spring 2007

Industry: Best Practices for Implementing and Utilizing a Standards-based QMS
by Lee Pfennigwerth, SRI Quality System Registrar

Success: Fremont Plastics: Competing One Detail at a Time
by Kym Conis

Profile: Polymer Conversions, Inc.: Better Well Done, Than Well Said
by Dianna Brodine

Strategies: Understanding and Benefiting from Service Agreements
by Christopher Kleck, President, Pro Plastics Sales & Service, Inc.

Winter 2007

Focus: Are You Ready For RFID?
by Al Wilson

Special Report: Metro Plastics Technologies – The Emphasis is on Solutions
by Kym Conis

Strategies: New Technology Brings Supplier and Buyer Together
by Mary Napier

Production: The Future of Automation
by John Tite

Management: What You Should Know about Life Settlements
by Leo LaGrotte

Summer 2006

Strategies: Building Your Pentad for Partnering Success
by Ed Rigsbee, CSP

Focus: Customized Solutions in Auxiliary Equipment Provide Maximum Efficiencies
by Staff

Management: Inject Cash Into Your Bottom Line with the Research and Experimentation (R&E) Tax Credit
by Adam J. Herman, CPA/ABV, CVA, ASA and Michael J. Devereux II

Production: Lean Manufacturing or Operations Transformation ... Which is it?
by Laurie Harbour-Felax, ASG Renaissance

Profile: Plastic Components, Inc.: Making the Customer Part of the Equation
by Dianna Brodine

Association: Training System Creates Advantages for Plastics Processors
by Staff

Spring 2006

Buyers Report: ERP Software Applications: What Can ERP Systems Do for Your Business?
by Staff

Production: Turning Your Plastics Processing Facility Into a Profit Center
by Richard W. Sievert