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Mold In Graphic Systems Offers Line of Release Agents

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On Nov. 2-3, Mold In Graphic Systems®, Clarkdale, Arizona, plans to present its complete surface enhancer product line during the ARM Show in Denver, Colorado. This will include some brand new product offerings, such as:

  • Surface Enhancer® 360 and SE Gel: Often referred to as a “miracle in a can”, this product was developed by MIGS in 1994. A quick spray or wipe into a problematic area of the mold helps all rotational molders produce parts free from surface blemishes, secure inserts, eliminate bridging and improve quality and productivity.
  • RMC3: This patented “PE Play-Doh-like” material was developed by MIGS in 2002 and allows rotational molders to easily insert a pliable form of polyethylene material inside their mold at any critical point to create solid or reinforced features in their cured RM parts.
  • Patch ‘N Go®: Developed by MIGS in 1999, this product makes it possible for rotomolders to easily repair damaged polyolefin plastic products. Prevents the need to scrap or downgrade parts due to blow hole pitting, surface gouges or puncture damage.
  • PL-S® Parting Line Sealer: MIGS developed Parting Line Sealer in 2004 to help rotational molders improve the quality of their hollow product parting lines. PL-S tightly seals mold flanges and stops resin powder from leaking into the oven.
  • MIGS Color In Systems™ and MIGS Color On Systems™: Yet another unique line of products which solve the limitations of the typical monochromatic colored rotomolded products. Creates unique aesthetic opportunities by integrating permanent, multiple colors into the surface of the plastic during or after the molding process. Developed by MIGS in 1994.

For more information, visit www.moldingraphics.com.