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Conair Portable Chillers Include More Standard Features

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The new portable chillers from The Conair Group, Cranberry Township, PA, are the EP1 Series and EP2 Series.

Two new lines of portable chillers from The Conair Group, Cranberry Township, PA, deliver precise temperature control for plastics-processing applications. They also include standard features such as robust microprocessor control board with life-time exchange program; long-life micro switches in place of bubble switches; insulated polyethylene reservoir with removable top for easy cleaning; cleanable shell-and-tube condensers on water-cooled models; process-water Y-strainers that protect against evaporator contamination; and heavy-duty cabinet enclosure and casters.

Designed and built for use with non-ozone-depleting refrigerants, these new EarthSmart™ chillers are environmentally friendly too. EP1 Series portable chillers are designed for 1 to 3 ton applications, while the EP2 Series includes chillers from 4 to 43 tons. Both ranges include air-cooled, water-cooled and remote-condenser models. The water circuit on both models, including evaporator, pump, reservoir and piping, are made of non-ferrous materials to resist corrosion. Optional PLC controls have a touch-sensitive operator interface with system information and alarms presented in clear descriptive text instead of lights and codes. Built-in help screens are always available for troubleshooting.

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