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Deluxe Plastics Wins Innovation Award

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Deluxe Plastics, Clintonville, Wisconsin, picked up the first MAPP Innovation Award for its SMED Cart.

Editor's Note

The Spring 2015 issue of Plastics Business will feature the winners of the innaugural Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) Innovation Award.

Deluxe Plastics, Clintonville, Wisconsin, has won the inaugural Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) Innovation Award for its SMED Cart.

In its entry, Peter Blaas with Deluxe Plastics noted the cart contains all the essential tools and equipment to perform a mold change efficiently. "In addition to the physical tools, it also acts as a wireless information center," he said. "The SMED cart is restocked and prepared for the next mold change after every use."

To emphasize and showcase the power of creativity, MAPP conducted its first Innovation Award contest focused on mold change carts (SMED carts) that are often found on the production floor to facilitate quick mold/die change overs in order to save time and money. "We received many entries, and we narrowed it down to 12 finalists," said Marcella Kates, MAPP’s marketing manager.

Once voting opened, 230 votes were tallied. The second place winner was Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. (PMT), El Paso, Texas. Third place went to Microplastics, Inc., St. Charles, Illinois.

The 2016 Innovation Award topic will be announced at the MAPP Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference in October. For more information, visit www.mappinc.com.