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Plastic Molding Technology Invests in New Equipment

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Charles A. Sholtis, CEO of PMT, and Art Bejar of Toshiba Machine stand with one of three new all-electric Toshiba presses now in production at PMT.

Plastic Molding Technology, Inc., El Paso, Texas, recently invested in new, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to achieve demanding production goals and boost efficiency, while advancing its competitive edge and commitment to innovative, sustainable manufacturing.

Three new Toshiba all-electric molding machines allow staff members the flexibility to move quickly from project to project, eliminating long changeover times for molds and increasing the ability to provide JIT service for customers. Meanwhile, a ProtoTRAK machining center increases in-house tool room capabilities for both repair and tool engineering changes for customers. Finally, a new FDM desktop 3-D printer will allow for production of fixtures and sample prototypes in-house in less than 24 hours.

The company expects these investments to save customers time and money by providing a fast turn-around, and a JIT solution, for when time is of the essence.

For more information, visit www.pmtinc.com.