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Frigel to Unveil Intelligent Cooling System

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Frigel, East Dundee, Illinois, will give visitors at NPE2015 a close look at the new 3PR Intelligent Control System, which provides processors with easier and more precise control over their Frigel cooling systems.

Featuring a unique 7", full-color touchscreen interface, 3PR allows processors to achieve better closed-loop process cooling system accuracy with more data points at their fingertips. As a next-generation controller, 3PR automatically adjusts the integrated Frigel cooling system to ensure optimum performance based on a wide range of system operating parameters.

The controller provides users with extended functionality for monitoring and adjusting system parameters using real-time data to further enhance system performance. The controllers’ onboard memory aids in troubleshooting and uptime by continuously storing key operating conditions, which can be downloaded for detailed analyses.

For more information, visit www.frigel.com.