Plastics Business has a distribution of 10,000, targeting the plastics processing business executive. It is distributed to corporate management as well as plant managers and production managers involved with all types of plastics processing and manufacturing, primarily in the United States.
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Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors (MAPP) was started in August 1996 as a not-for-profit trade association - by processors, for processors. MAPP now has over 1,000 industry executives in member companies actively benchmarking to improve their operations and communicating with one another to solve individual problems.

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Fall  2012    Marketing
Barriers to Sustainability in Plastics-related Industries  by Bonnie J. Bachman and Shristy Bashyal, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and Margaret Baumann, GHA Associates
Fall  2012    Strategies
DOE Brings Benefits to Process Design  by Perry Parendo, Perry's Solutions, Inc.
Fall  2012    Profile
Fall  2012    Production
Fall  2012    Focus
Fall  2012    Management
Summer  2012    Spotlight
Summer  2012    Profile
Summer  2012    Industry
Summer  2012    Strategies
Summer  2012    Solutions
Summer  2012    Focus
Product Development Pitfalls  by Tony Parker, Avance LLC
Summer  2012    Production
Summer  2012    Marketing
Video Marketing for Manufacturers  by Todd Schuett, Creative Technology Corporation
Spring  2012    Outlook
Spring  2012    Strategies
Spring  2012    Management
Spring  2012    Trends
Spring  2012    Production
Spring  2012    Profile
Spring  2012    Solutions
Water Leaks are Money down the Drain  by Steve Johnson, ToolingDocs LLC
Winter  2012    Trends
Winter  2012    Outlook
Plastics Industries Opportunities for 2012  by Laurie Harbour and Scott Walton, Harbour Results, Inc.
Winter  2012    Production
Winter  2012    Marketing
Fall  2011    Strategies
Are You Neglecting Your Brand Touchpoints?  by Teresa Schell, Strategic Marketing Partners, LLC
Fall  2011    Profile
Fall  2011    Solutions
In-line or Off-line Decorating: A 10-Step Analysis  by Bob Coningsby, Apex Machine Company
Fall  2011    Results
Fall  2011    Trends
Fall  2011    Production
Fall  2011    Management
Understanding Workers Compensation: The Role of Frontline Management  by William Wahoff, Scott, Scriven & Wahoff, LLP
Summer  2011    Industry
Assessing Sustainable Packaging through Life Cycle Analysis  by Chandler Slavin, Sustainability Coordinator, Dordan Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Summer  2011    Solutions
Summer  2011    Strategies
Summer  2011    Profile
Summer  2011    Production
Spring  2011    Solutions
Evaluating Your Mold Maintenance Direction  by Steve Johnson, ToolingDocs
Spring  2011    Profile
Spring  2011    Industry
GHS Bringing Changes to OSHA HazCom Standard  by Glenn D. Trout, MSDSonline
Spring  2011    Strategies
Spring  2011    Trends
Spring  2011    Management
Succession Planning for Business Owners  by Nichole Crawford, JD, LL.M, CLU, ChFC, CAP, Federated Insurance
Spring  2011    Production
Winter  2011    Profile
Eyes on the Future at i2tech  by Dianna Brodine
Winter  2011    Solutions
Cost Savings Through Effective Purging  by John Pizzo, Sun Plastech, Inc.
Winter  2011    Management
Winter  2011    Trends
Future Markets in Plastics: A Second Look  by Dr. Peter Mooney, Plastics Custom Research Services
Winter  2011    Industry
Winter  2011    Strategies
Plastics Processor Relative Value Drivers  by Michael D. Benson and David M. Evatz, SRR
Fall  2010    Solutions
Fall  2010    Profile
Fall  2010    Strategies
Program Launch Coordinator – The Strategic Link  by Teresa Schell, Plastics Components, Inc.
Fall  2010    Industry
Fall  2010    Management
Trade Show Exhibition Tips  by Julie K. Buzbee
Summer  2010    Bonus Content
Closed-Loop Process Cooling Independent Case Study: Energy, Operations and Other Resources  by Gerald Church, UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center and Glen La Palme, PL Energy LLC
Summer  2010    Energy Savings
Summer  2010    Energy Savings
Going Green with Purging Compounds  by Andrew Reeder, Moulds Plus International
Summer  2010    Energy Savings
Summer  2010    Industry
Summer  2010    Energy Savings
Saving Energy in Dryers, Material Handling, and Granulators  by Doug Brewster, The Conair Group, Inc.
Summer  2010    Management
Timeline: Impact of Health Care Reform on Employers  by Miranda Morgan and David Ball, SZD
Summer  2010    Strategies
Website: Hype? Or Hot Spot?  by Mark Hanaway, Tech Molded Plastics, Inc.
Spring  2010    Focus
Spring  2010    Profile
Spring  2010    Management
Spring  2010    Industry
Spring  2010    Strategies
Tool Transfer Q&A  by Mike Juda and Jerry Gorrell, Polymer Conversions, Inc.
Spring  2010    Trends
Winter  2010    Management
Winter  2010    Trends
Plastics Markets: The Road Ahead  by Dr. Peter Mooney
Winter  2010    Strategies
Winter  2010    Industry
Winter  2010    Profile
Fall  2009    Profile
Fall  2009    Focus
Permanent and Durable Decoration with IMD  by David Coughlin and Dave Washburn, Industramark™, a Standard Register Business
Fall  2009    Strategies
Substantiating Research Tax Credits in Today’s Environment  by Michael J. Devereux II and Adam J. Herman, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, ASA
Fall  2009    Production
Fall  2009    Trends
The Pros and Cons of Reusable Containers  by Thomas R. Cutler, TR Cutler, Inc.
Spring  2009    Profile
Spring  2009    Production
Investing in Energy-Saving Improvements  by Ryan Thompson, Murphy Company
Spring  2009    Focus
Modular Molds Contribute to Lean Manufacturing Success  by Ken Jenkins, Pleasant Precision, Inc.
Spring  2009    Strategies
Terms and Conditions: Contracting for Economic Certainty  by Josef Keglewitsch and Laura Hult, Schottenstein Zox & Dunn Co., L.P.A.
Spring  2009    Production
Winter  2009     
Winter  2009     
Winter  2009     
Winter  2009     
Economic Outlook and Trends  by Jeff Mengel, Plante & Moran
Winter  2009     
Let’s Go Viral! (But First, What Is It?)  by T.J. Tedesco, Grow Sales, Inc.
Winter  2009     
Optimizing Mold Performance and Maintenance Efficiency  by Steve Johnson, Progressive Components
Winter  2009    Website-Only Content
Fall  2008    Profile
Fall  2008    Production
Real-Time Shop Floor Integration: The Right ERP System Can Make It Happen  by Excerpts from a Technical White Paper by IQMS
Fall  2008    Strategies
Fall  2008    Focus
Today’s Raw Material Market: Outlook and Opportunities  by Mike Bradley and Scott Horn, PolyOne Distribution
Summer  2008    Industry
Summer  2008    Profile
Summer  2008    Strategies
Summer  2008    Q&A
Spring  2008    Production
Spring  2008    Profile
Spring  2008    Strategies
Winter  2008    Strategies
Winter  2008    Focus
Winter  2008    Industry
Winter  2008    Profile
Fall  2007    Industry
Fall  2007    Strategies
Fall  2007    Profile
Summer  2007    Profile
Summer  2007    Focus
Spring  2007    Industry
Best Practices for Implementing and Utilizing a Standards-based QMS  by Lee Pfennigwerth, SRI Quality System Registrar
Spring  2007    Success
Spring  2007    Profile
Spring  2007    Strategies
Understanding and Benefiting from Service Agreements  by Christopher Kleck, President, Pro Plastics Sales & Service, Inc.
Winter  2007    Focus
Winter  2007    Special Report
Winter  2007    Strategies
Winter  2007    Production
Winter  2007    Management
Summer  2006    Strategies
Summer  2006    Focus
Summer  2006    Management
Inject Cash Into Your Bottom Line with the Research and Experimentation (R&E) Tax Credit  by Adam J. Herman, CPA/ABV, CVA, ASA and Michael J. Devereux II
Winter  2012    Solutions
Summer  2006    Production
Winter  2012    Industry
Summer  2006    Profile
Winter  2012    Profile
Summer  2006    Association
Spring  2006    Buyers Report
Spring  2006    Production